I’m Kristine–wife, mom, and therapist. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and we have two beautiful little girls, Ava and Emmie. I’m a third generation Californian but have been in the Midwest for 10 years. I moved to Chicago in 2008–hitched a trailer to my Toyota Corolla and traversed seven states to attend graduate school at Northwestern. I met my husband in 2010–at church no less!–and we moved to Northern Indiana six months before expecting our first child.
I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and have worked in mental health for 15 years. I have had every job imaginable. From my first job at Jamba Juice (where I had juice spilled on my head more times than normal) to nannying, administrative support, and owning my own wedding planning/marriage preparation business in Chicago. I am on the cusp of starting something new again–taking probably the biggest risk of my career–and I’m excited to bring you along on the adventure.
My husband and I share a mutual love of coffee (bordering on obsession perhaps?), travel, and sweatpants. We love taking on new projects, planning trips (with kids) or vacations (without kids), and dreaming of the future. We can picture ourselves owning a plot of land someday and building a farmhouse but we’d also love to own a home by the lake (water is my happy place even though I’m not a fan of actually getting IN it). We have so many goals and dreams it gets a little overwhelming at times but we’re trusting the process, focusing on the present, and working hard to make things happen.