Just dream

There’s something I want to say to you today and it’s this: It’s OK to just dream. Even if you’re not completely ready to act on it. Even if you know you’re not in the right financial position. Even if you’re completely consumed by your 9 to 5 or your babies or whatever else is commanding your full attention. Even if–still dream. Dream big and dream in detail.
I really do believe in the power of visualization. If you put as much detail as you can to your dream, if you allow yourself to believe that it can–and will–happen, you will consciously and/or subconsciously begin to frame your life, your actions, and your goals around it. Quite honestly, it’s hard for me to wrap my logic-loving brain around the idea. As a psychology major, it was drilled into our heads that correlation does not equal causation. As in, just because two things happen in succession doesn’t prove that one causes the other. I can’t tell you that visualizing your dreams will make them come true. But I can suggest that having a clear vision will make it easier to pursue your dreams and take steps towards making them happen.
It has been a dream of ours since we got married to build a home someday. My husband and I enjoy designing and creating, and we also like new stuff (the desire only grew stronger after living in a 50+ year old house where there’s always something in need of fixing or updating). A few months ago, I approached him with a proposal–let’s meet with builders to get an idea of how much it costs to build a home and all that goes into it. And let’s start looking at land to get a sense of what’s available. He was a little hesitant at first. So was I, actually. Neither of us knew if we were ready to leave our home and our neighborhood. And we doubted whether we could afford it. But, we figured, it’s just phase one. It’s information gathering. And being prepared and knowledgeable is always a good thing.
You want to write a book? Start researching how to get published or how to self-publish, find a literary agent you like, reach out to others who have written books and ask how they went about it. Start writing just for the sake of writing.
You want to run a marathon? Find out where the closest race is to you. Or, better yet, research a city you’d really like to visit and find out when their race is scheduled. Look into running plans and how long you’d need to train. Figure out if there’s a running club in your town. Get fitted for proper tennis shoes. Start tracking your steps.
You want to own your own home? Get recommendations on mortgage lenders and schedule a time to meet with someone. Get a sense of where you’ll need to be financially to get approved and what steps you can take to start preparing. Go to open houses, start a list of your must-haves and deal-breakers, research neighborhoods.
Start small. Start somewhere. But just start.
We still don’t know if building our dream home is feasible now or whether we’ll need to wait another year or two. But we started to dream, and then we started to research, and then we created a plan. So, create that Pinterest board (make it private if you’d like), sketch out a plan, get on Google, reach out to experts. Push that fear, that doubt, that logic to the side for a bit and allow yourself to just dream.

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