Invest in your relationship

Planning a wedding takes time and money. It requires painstaking decision-making, careful consideration of details, and deliberate preparation. I know, I used to be a wedding planner. If you're putting all that effort into planning your wedding, shouldn't you be putting even more into preparing for your marriage?


Research has shown that premarital preparation can increase your relationship satisfaction, decrease negative patterns, and lower the risk of divorce. It is by far the most important investment you can make during your engagement.


What you can expect

As part of my premarital coaching program, I utilize the Prepare Enrich assessment. The assessment is comprehensive and customized, widely researched, easy to use.

To begin, we'll meet for an introductory session to discuss the assessment and set goals for our time together. After you complete the assessment online, we'll spend 6 follow-up sessions working through your couple report and personalized set of topics.

Follow-up sessions are typically 60 minutes long but can be altered to fit your schedule. Each session will include handouts, resources, and take-home assignments.

Premarital coaching services are available in-person or online

Package includes 6 follow-up sessions, an introductory meeting, and the assessment fee

(you may request more or fewer sessions)


Payment plans are offered

Put your relationship at the top of your list

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