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An incredible thing happens when you take the time to learn about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. You begin to communicate better and solve problems more efficiently, you walk carefully around each other's sensitivities and feel more compassion for one another, and you connect in deeper, more fulfilling ways. Prepare Enrich has been the #1 pre-marital assessment tool for over 35 years. It is evidence-based and widely researched, easy to use, and customized to your relationship stage and family status. Premarital coaching can help increase your satisfaction, decrease negative interaction patterns, and lower the risk of divorce. It is by far the most important investment you can make during your engagement.

What you can expect

We will meet for an introductory session to discuss the assessment and topics covered and set you up to take the inventory. After that, you will complete the assessment online and return for six follow-up sessions to work through your customized couple report. Topics include: relationship strengths, current stressors, communication and conflict, spiritual beliefs, relationship roles, personality types, family backgrounds, finances, and expectations. Follow-up sessions are typically 60 minutes long but can be altered to fit your schedule. Each session will include handouts, resources, and take-home assignments.


Services are available in-person or online

Payment plans are available. Package fee includes cost of assessment.

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