There's power in numbers

Imagine being surrounded and supported by a group of like-minded women ready to dig deep, share their stories, and create change in their lives too. Coaching plus community is a powerful experience and stays with you long after the program ends in the form of lasting connections and accountability.

Group Coaching

What you can expect

You'll join a small group of women within a private Facebook group and work through a series of topics for a set number of weeks. I'll go live on video at the same time every week, leading you through a topic, answering questions, and offering individual coaching. You'll be assigned action steps, challenges, and/or journaling prompts throughout the week and will be encouraged to share your progress, challenges, and accomplishments within the group. If you get stuck or need clarification or coaching, you can post at any time and I'll respond within 24 hours.

My inaugural signature program,

Freedom and Fulfillment,

is here!

Enrollment is open from Dec 6 - Dec 21


Program begins Jan 7


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