Break free from all that holds you back


The fact that you woke up with air in your lungs and a heart that pumps blood is a gift.


The fact that you have talents, gifts, and passions that are uniquely yours is a gift.


Stop wasting it.


Stop holding yourself back.


It's time for freedom and fulfillment.

Freedom and Fulfillment is Here

Imagine if you...


  • knew how to use your talents, gifts, and passions to their fullest potential
  • gained the confidence to go after what you really wanted
  • set goals and actually achieved them
  • took care of yourself just as well as you took care of everyone else
  • found a group of women who knew your hopes and dreams and cheered you on as you went after them


Imagine if you broke free from all that holds you back and created a life more fulfilling than you ever dreamed was possible.




Freedom and Fulfillment is a 3-month long program designed to help you break free from all

that's been holding you back so you can live with purpose, joy, and fulfillment

Here's what you can expect:


»» You'll join a small group of women in a private Facebook group who, just like you, are ready to dig deep, share their stories, and create change in their lives


»» Each week I'll coach on a topic via live video and answer questions or address challenges that come up for you


»» Handouts, worksheets, and/or journaling prompts will be assigned each week to help you connect to the topic and start making changes in your life


»» You'll receive coaching from me within 24 hours if you need help, have questions, or get stuck on something


»» You'll become a part of a powerful community of women who will support, encourage, and inspire you throughout the program and beyond


»» You'll experience 12 weeks of life-changing work that will kick-start your 2019 and put you on the path to achieving your goals for the new year and the rest of your life!



When does it start?


We start Monday, January 7 and will go through the end of March.


Do I have to watch the videos live?


Every video will be posted in the group for the entirety of the program. If you can't join at the time I go live, you can watch whenever you're available. This program is designed to be as convenient for you as possible and to allow you to go at your own pace. However, you'll get the most out of it if you keep up with the topics and engage with the group every week.


What's the benefit of being in a group?


I know it requires a level of vulnerability you may not be comfortable with at the beginning. But imagine being surrounded and supported by women who get it, who understand what you're going through because they're going through it too. I speak from my own experience when I say that it's a powerful thing to be a part of.


Will I have access to the group after the program?


You will have lifetime access to the group--a perk that only comes with being the first. Future groups will be invited to join my larger community of alumni (you'll be invited to this group as well!).


What other perks are there about being the first to go through the program?


Aside from having lifetime access to the group, you'll have the opportunity to shape the program to best fit your needs. While I will have an outline of topics I plan to cover, if there's something that comes up for you, I am more than willing to make alterations and additions. Also, you'll pay less! The cost of the inaugural program will be significantly lower than future groups.


I know your time is limited.


I know how hard it is to spend money on yourself.


I know taking the risk to uncover what's holding you back and daring to dream those big dreams is scary.


I also know that the cost of wasting all that you've been given is too great.


For yourself, your family, and the world.


The time is not someday. The time is now.

The Investment


What you get: 


»» 12 weeks of live video training

»» Resources, worksheets, and journaling prompts

»» Lifetime membership to a private community of women

»» Unlimited access to one-on-one coaching by me


Total investment: $900 for 3 months or $315 per month


In this program, you'll get individualized coaching plus the support, encouragement, and accountability of other women just like you. Coaching plus community is a powerful experience and one you won't ever regret investing in.

I'm ready for freedom and fulfillment!

Pay by credit, debit, or PayPal

This program is for you if you're ready to...


  • set aside time each week to focus on you
  • put in the work to uncover what's really getting in the way
  • be honest with yourself
  • learn and practice a new way of doing things
  • share your story with a group of women just like you
  • be held accountable to finally accomplish your goals

This program is NOT for you if you're...


  • suffering from an untreated mental health condition that's interfering with your daily functioning
  • not ready to do things differently
  • not committed to putting in the work
  • wanting more focused one-on-one coaching (if this is you, let's talk)
  • already living your dream life

A Question for You...


What happens when you keep pouring water from a pitcher?


Right, you eventually run out.


Have you ever seen one of those champagne towers? Do you remember what happens? You pour champagne into the glass at the top until it overflows and fills all the glasses underneath it.


This is your opportunity to fill yourself up so you can overflow joy, energy, and excitement to everyone around you.

Enrollment will close on December 21. Don't wait!

Pay by credit, debit, or PayPal

Still have questions?


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